Project Name: “Express Our Love to Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh”

Place: Ukhia, Cox’s Bazar

Period: Nov 2018 to January 2019

Bangladesh Bible society had a great opportunity to serve the people of Rohingya who are staying at Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. According to the rules of the Government, we have engaged and showed the heart-touching love for suffering Rohingya by the strategic relief work. There was an appropriate board who have always provided their intellectual cooperation, coordination, and opinion to be the success of the project. Behalf of BBS, the project officer, and volunteers were very dedicated, and passion hearted for the humanitarian work and handled the circumstances for the suffering people.

We have distributed the life support relief materials at three-stage, and it was blanket, jacket, cloths mattress, and food and cooking Gas cylinder. 22, 500 people belong to 4500 families has benefited and overcome from the overflow circumstances by sharing loving gift by BBS. We have spread the Gospel by strategically relief work and people have observed the love of God.

The Government has appreciated and thanks to the donors of this project. All the staff including the general secretary has helped to accomplices the project work. So, we thank the people who have been supported by their loving hearts and prayer support. Once again Big thanks to God for His amazing grace that suffering people have benefited and known our Savior God by this project of BBS.