Bangladesh Bible Society has been working in close association with local Churches and Para-church organizations that are involve for evangelical activities to all possible ways. They share the Word of God and also like to provide Scriptures to them who are in need of Scripture. They also need support to provide the Scripture. Therefore, there is a great need of Scripture for many mothers here in Bangladesh with subsidized price, as they cannot purchase them with actual price as they live hand to mouth. So, the BBS with the help of many believers and faithful partners bearing the amount of subsidy to provide Scriptures to them who need them for their lives. Through these Scriptures many lives have been transformed and many have accepted Christ. Church attendance have increased, children having good spiritual foundation from their mothers and also family relationship have been strengthened.

Audience: The target audience are the  people which are the majority (88%) people of this country, but there are many other people they don’t have faith and have not heard the Good News. They are the People without Scriptures.