The Bangladesh Bible Society likes to reach out to the Mothers of Bangladesh who are the root of each family. They are the majority of the local Church attendance. We like to be with them to help them to grow spiritually so that they may become a resource person for their children and also for the whole family.

If a mother is literate and spiritually mature her children and family also will be literate and spiritually mature. Therefore, to reach out to them we work along with our partners they are the local churches. We organize 10-15 “One day Mothers Seminar for Good News” with the churches and we distribute specific Scriptures and other supporting materials at 75% discount price. Because, these mothers are from economically poor background and they live in rural areas.

Audience: Mothers of all ages from all denominations who are living in rural areas. Don’t have enough opportunity to develop their spiritual awareness and also do not have their own Scriptures in their families but want to have at least one in their family for daily reading but have no money to pay for it.  So, we like to reach to those mothers with the Word of God to provide them for them and also for their own families.