Through Translation Department we are Translating Bibles in different languages. They are:

Bengali: We are happy to release OV (old version), SBCL(Standard Bengali Common Language).
The Revision work for OV translation and SBCL is in progress. A new version namely COV (Common Old Version) work is going on. We are working for a Bengali Study Bible.

Except these Translations in Bangla we are preparing Daily Devotional Book “Manna”, Helpful Resource for Easter, Resources for Youth and Children.

Garo (Abeng): Garo (Abeng) New Testament has been released. Translation of Old Testament is in progress.
Santali: New Testament in Santali Language has been released. Translation of Old Testament is going on.
Chakma: Translation work for Old Testament and New Testament in Chakma Language is in progress.
Marma:Translation work for Gospel in Marma language is going on.

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Manna (Devotional Book)