Children in rural areas in Bangladesh are in JOY! Now, they are coming to a Pre-Primary education center, showing a student with a large school bag and learning different things. Within the first six months, most of the children are learned:

  • Bengali vowels,
  • How to count from 1 – 10,
  • The English alphabet between A-E,
  • Reciting rhymes,
  • How to draw a flower free hand,
  • To identify three colors,
  • How to pray
  • Bangladesh’s national flag, animal and bird
  • That Jesus loves them.

Some of Garo and Santal tribes groups came to know a Chorus song, practice to hear and know the story `Jesus provided 5000 peoples. There is a lot of interest in running the literacy program of the Bible Society. This great joy of rural children influences other children who have never seen a chalk pencil, slate, book, or bag. Few children are enjoying this Pre-Primary Education and many more are waiting to receive this education. They want to be a good citizen!!!