The Bangladesh Bible Society celebrated its 64 years anniversary on 16th February 2017. Church leaders from different background joined the thanks giving service at Bangladesh Bible Society. Rev. Bairon P. Bonik, Vice-Chairman of BBS chaired the programme, Rev. Daniel Dipon Sarker, Director, Every Home Contact shared the Word of God, Rev. Godfrey Baroi Pastor AG Church, and Rev. David A.Das, General Secretary NCCB offered prayers. Bishop Nibaron Das, Bishop and chairman, Bangladesh Methodist church shared greetings along with Mr. James Tejosh Das, former chairman, BBS.


BBS GS Rev. Shourabh Pholia greeted all and Mr. Antony Sarder, Mr. Richmond Joydhar shared BBS history and activities. After the thanks giving service all joined refreshment party to continue their fellowship with BBS. We all are glad to God for His blessings on BBS for adding one more year to share His Word with many here in Bangladesh.