BBS arranged “Spiritual Awareness for Mothers” Programme (Solomon Project No 100035) in partnership with St. Andrew’s Church, Mirpur, Dhaka and also with National Church Council of Bangladesh (NCCB), Moghbazar, Dhaka on 04th March 2016. BBS’ General Secretary Rev. Shourabh Pholia shared the Word of God at St. Andrew’s Church and Marketing Secretary Mr. Antony Sarder at NCCB. About 80 women participated at Mirpur and 40 women attended at NCCB programme.

Rt. Rev. Paul S. Sarker the Moderator of the Church of Bangladesh was present at the St. Andrew’s Church and he was kind to distribute the “Women in Bible” and New Testament to the participants. At NCCB Rev. David A. Das, Secretary, NCCB was present along with the Moderator of Women Department Ms. Renu Bawl. “Women in Bible” and New Testaments were distributed to the NCCB’s participants as well. All were glad for the opportunity to receive the Scriptures and were encouraged with the Word of God, which will help them to grow spiritually