Bible is my best Companion program was organized with the partnership of the Prime Evangelical Church, Kewachala, Gazipur, Dhaka. About 120 youth attended from local Roman Catholic Church, The Prime Evangelical Church and also from an orphanage hostel run by the Prime Church. We are happy to inform that our Ex-chairman Pastor Anwar Hossain and present chairman Mr. Monwar Hossain Pintu were present and attended the program. It was a day seminar where the GS Rev. Shourabh Pholia presented the Word of God for the youth and challenged and encouraged them to have their own scriptures and also to read them every day and also to live according to the teaching of Christ. There the team of Marketing department taught them new songs, arranged Bible quiz and distributed gifts.

At the end Diglot Bible, Children Kitabul Mukaddos and New Testaments were distributed to the youth according to their age and also according to their background.

The children were excited to receive their Scriptures first time in their lives. They presented a hearty cultural show which bring them closer to God as well as they sang and danced with Christian songs.